Monday, December 30, 2013

The Last Supper .. Holy number 12

This will be the last day i write about gratitude in 2013.. The last 12 days has been great since i have tried to remember all the good things God has provided through out the year.

Last Supper is my favorite painting. One painting that give picture to moment where the celebration of God promises start. One last day before the storm came.. but that last storm will eventually be the fulfilment of God words. Day He save mankind.

That painting was the last day and Jesus decided to be a humble servant to His disciples. He washed his disciples feet with His own hand. Shared breads and wine to close the journey.. and opening the new chapter of Bible.. Gave ways to all saints to reveal the truth.

He came to save us all.. He suffered...He died.. He has risen... He is the love and the light.. to the unworthy. Thank you God for loving me. Thank you for giving me many chances and opportunities. Thank you for the amazing life up to this very minute.

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