Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jacqline Cellosse..salute!!

I want to write this because i realize her problem is a lot worst than mine. I thought my problem was big enough. I was a shame about my life..but now, i believe keeping the story alive makes a world a better place for everyone, because i understand everyone having their own problem. I share this because i want to share the strength i have within every problem.

This week.. bad news always come to me.. The financial problem in my family gotten worst since my Dad made a wrong decision again. I can not say it's all his fault.. because i believe every path i have to go through happen for a good reason.

This week every material thing i owned back to Jesus. None of things we have on earth stays forever. It's all only a temporary gift from God. He gave everything He can take everything too. This is such a bad week for me. I cry a lot.. because I'm so afraid of the future. My family turn out having debt that i can't imagine how to pay. This is our second fall. Three years back was our first downfall we thought everything is going to be alright nothing worst than loosing a house.. But this year ..God show that we still could loose our car and not too mention the debt .. If in math equation we know "minus".. in economic major we know "deficit" my life, i learn them twice. I want to angry at my dad for making such a stupid decision and not to tell me or my Mom when he made the huge decision, but i don't thing it's the right thing to do.. I learn a lot to be wise..and to be patient. I just took my time to pray and doing what i can.

Me and my Dad went off to Church this morning. Reverend Jeffrey S. Tjandra was the sermons deliverer. He is such a great Reverend and Worship Singer. Many songs has been written to inspire Christianity's soul. At the end of his sermon, He tell us a good story about his beloved friend Jacqline Celosse. This is the part where i give thanks for all the problem that happen to my family.

Such a great story about a Christian Worship Singer named Jacqline Celosse. She was a lady rocker that use drugs. That was her mistake that draw her near to death experienced. She got overdosed but God prove his majestic power to save her life. She repent her life in front of God.. Got married with a Reverend and having two beautiful daughter. Not long after her first pregnancy She was diagnosed having breast cancer.  The operation procedure was her second near death experienced. Yet She live and survive to praise Jesus more and more.. By September 2008 her third bad news comes a long.She was diagnosed having fifteenth lump lymph in her throat section. At her attempt to recover from this extremely rare and deadly “Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease”, She found out that she got another cancer that the cure is contradict to “Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease”.

Kikuchi's disease is a very rare disease and mainly seen in Japan. Isolated cases are reported in America, Europe and Asia. It is mainly a disease of young adults (mean age, 20–30 years) with slight female preponderance. The cause of this disease is not known although infectious and autoimmune etiologies have been proposed. Course of the disease is generally benign and self-limiting. Lymphadenopathy most often resolves over several weeks to six months. Recurrence rate is about 3%.Doctors from Indonesia..China..and Singapore all giving up. And up to this day She still live in pain.

Her story doesn't end there. Her oldest daughter also having a rare disease that shows white spots all over her body, and her youngest daughter having virus in her digestion that makes her intestine leak. The whole condition are allowed in front of God's eyes. Yet She didn't yell to god to ask why.. She said this on one of her video interview : "Although my body has been damaged, I will not giving up my faith. I never doubted the goodness of God in life.

Her story are so real and it does happen to Christian community. Her story is a true inspiration that we shall walk by faith and not by sight.

As long as i can breath i want to leave a legacy.. A foot print from every article I've made, Something to make them notice they're not alone.. If Jesus allows all the problem come to us.. He will not far from us.. Jesus will show us the true courage and faith. Our story is a great inspiration among others. No matter what the out comes.. Whether there's a way out or not.. We didn't race for a good material thing in life but for a life after death.

Romans 8:28:
"28And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

Jeremiah 29:11:

   11For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

When a Forest Gets Big

as i browse around ..i found this wonderful quote:
"When a forest gets big, there are all kinds of birds…" 
[there are all kinds of people in the world]

There are so many kind of people we see every single day. When you go to work, when you went shopping today, when you trap waiting at the pick up point, or even your neighbors, your friends..your friend' friends...your co worker... None of them are the same. Even a twin has their own specific identity.

We live everyday facing them and maybe becoming them.. People we hate the most is somehow the one that actually similar to us.We try to be a good person every day..building up a good mood in the morning..yet we sometimes end up angry or sad in the evening.. It's all because we surrounded by those characters that affect us in so many way.

Just imagine them as a bird tweeting all over the place saying all you want to hear..all the bad thing you hate..all kind of things you might never imagine they would say before. It's like no matter how hard you try to do your best ..not everyone would say things that you want to hear. Not everyone happy with what you do, because they are not similar to you..

The older you are the more person you see in your life... This people will shape and sculpt your character as you grow. You will have more story to tell and to hear.

I admire Jesus for doing such a great creation. No human being would ever create anything like it. Yet in that so many creation many faces i see everyday, I always see my Dad's face.. (well of course he's my only Dad).

As i live my life.. i fall in love ..get some crush.. angry with some butt head ..crying for loosing someone.. i know i always find some comfort from my Dad. As for my self, daddy is the one that affect me the most. I admire how he deals with his life and with everyone he meet all of his life. He still loves my mom no matter how she treat him. He's the best Dad in the whole world for me..and i can't imagine myself loosing him.

So here's one cute little tweeting bird to comfort you at the end of the day

What about you?? who affect you among those "tweeting" birds?? Don't forget to say how much you love them !! ^^

Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Cross No Crown

This article has been long enough wait patiently in my draft. I inspired to wrote this article after the pass over. The preacher take this quote as his speech that day.It's a very strong statement for Christianity. We Christian believe in Jesus and more than that.. We believe that our life is given through His sacrifice upon that Cross.

When we find our self follow the path of sorrow time to time we recall that Jesus lived that way. He carry the Cross all his life. He was destined to bear the Cross for human sins. But in the end He get His Crown. So if we walk on His path now a days..We shall rejoice and keep bear this Cross until it's time for us get our Crown from our Heavenly Father.

The same book title has been written by a guy named William Penn. He wrote this book by the age of 24 while he was in prison in the Tower for the “blasphemy” of a pamphlet, The Sandy Foundation Shaken, in which he had assailed what were regarded as the strongholds of the Christian faith. His purpose in writing No Cross No Crown he describes as “to show the nature and discipline of the holy Cross of Christ; and that the denial of self .On his book by the first chapter he wrote the infinite facts about the doctrine of the Cross of Christ. It is the infinite moment to the souls of men, for that is the only door to salvation. i quote from his preface: "The great business of man's life is to answer the end for which he lives, and that is to glorify God and save his own soul". He wants us to see the Cross it self as our own life and the end of our journey of life as the Crown.

William Penn's life is full on intrigue and has been exalted numerous times especially with accusation of blasphemy. He was a controversial young religious man that believe in Quakerism (one of the Christian Sect begin in England 1650s). But he also well known as the founder of Pennsylvania, the center of Quaker region.

No Pain No Gain.... No Guts No Glory ....No Cross No Crown