Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Cross No Crown

This article has been long enough wait patiently in my draft. I inspired to wrote this article after the pass over. The preacher take this quote as his speech that day.It's a very strong statement for Christianity. We Christian believe in Jesus and more than that.. We believe that our life is given through His sacrifice upon that Cross.

When we find our self follow the path of sorrow time to time we recall that Jesus lived that way. He carry the Cross all his life. He was destined to bear the Cross for human sins. But in the end He get His Crown. So if we walk on His path now a days..We shall rejoice and keep bear this Cross until it's time for us get our Crown from our Heavenly Father.

The same book title has been written by a guy named William Penn. He wrote this book by the age of 24 while he was in prison in the Tower for the “blasphemy” of a pamphlet, The Sandy Foundation Shaken, in which he had assailed what were regarded as the strongholds of the Christian faith. His purpose in writing No Cross No Crown he describes as “to show the nature and discipline of the holy Cross of Christ; and that the denial of self .On his book by the first chapter he wrote the infinite facts about the doctrine of the Cross of Christ. It is the infinite moment to the souls of men, for that is the only door to salvation. i quote from his preface: "The great business of man's life is to answer the end for which he lives, and that is to glorify God and save his own soul". He wants us to see the Cross it self as our own life and the end of our journey of life as the Crown.

William Penn's life is full on intrigue and has been exalted numerous times especially with accusation of blasphemy. He was a controversial young religious man that believe in Quakerism (one of the Christian Sect begin in England 1650s). But he also well known as the founder of Pennsylvania, the center of Quaker region.

No Pain No Gain.... No Guts No Glory ....No Cross No Crown

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