Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marrying Career ..

I thought about this, couple of weeks ago.. I even made a statement on FB that gloomy  afternoon: "the best boyfriend so far is work".

Girls quite agree with the statement haha .. I myself  honestly facing  women that haven't got married at my workplace.. They doesn't seem to bother about it and the way i see it they enjoy their life as much as anybody else.. They make their own agenda with each other.. Traveling to places and they definitely can pay their own bills..their own car..and of course their own style.

From other blog I've read recently, there is the right term for this condition. It's incel (Involuntary celibacy (or incel) is the state of a person who has not established an intimate relationship or engaged in sexual intercourse for reasons other than voluntary celibacy or sexual abstinence. The term is used especially for people who, despite general expectations, have had little to no sexual or romantic experience. Incel generally affects males more than females)

Women probably having their own struggle about this, but i believe women are a strong creature. They will grew stronger anyhow.. 

And so there were this one particular woman that stand out among those amazing  unmarried woman at my workplace. A strong woman figure indeed. She decided to move on her career at Jakarta recently. She drive her own car to travel 674 km long journey this morning. I knew her as a "Loud" figure that sound her voice because she believe in her opinion. She never retreated. Keep moving with her enthusiasm and ideology. Hahaha.. it's hard to face this kind of woman.. but i admire her in my own way. I learn about determination through her eyes...

She probably decide marrying her own career as she hit 40 this year. She doesn't lack of anything at all. She feels and looks complete all the way. I don't know how she did it but as i said goodbye to her yesterday.. She advice me to always ask God : "What He wants me to do? What way should i take?" and always believe that everything we do ..we do it for God. We are just servants of God.. we shall obey His words.

I almost cry yesterday hahaha but i kept it in my heart and i promise my self to get stronger and stronger everyday just like her...

Good bye to you Ms. TBRD I will see you somewhere in the future. Keep fighting for what you believe... ^^

little sarcastic joke:


and as for myself: " I'd rather to be incel than to marry a guy because of his money" 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Mi Amigos

It’s my second night at my best friend’s house. A very warm house indeed.

I needed a get away lately..just a little change from routine to make my mind ease a little bit. Thanks God, he hears my plea and found me one character that understand me and very much like me in the end hahaha. She's a friend from Senior High at St. Maria, Surabaya, East Java. Never thought we came to the same University and Now we’re at the same office. She’s a very fun person. Her personality is very warm and definitely can light up the day for sure.

We were just friend, but now is more like best friend because she now knew the side that i’ve never showed to anyone else. Hahaha it wasn’t easy for me but when things aren’t so easy like this days.. i decided to open myself a bit more. Turns out .. it help a lot. At least the burden feels like has been taken an inch from my shoulder. Things that i thought i can handle my self will be easier to deal.

There are also other best friends that come and go in my life . The way i see it, they are unique in their own way.. Haha i can’t say it in details but they also come at my best and worst life experience.

There were good friends that accompany me too lately.. they help me share a ‘beer’ i called loneliness. Haha the quote i grab from “piano man” lyric (signature song from Billy Joel at 1973). A song that has been introduced lately by a new friend.

I like the way Billy Joel wrote the lyric of life and put them down together at the bar setting. I didn’t get the point actually, but my friend explain it to me wisely. Hahah.. so even if i didn’t really like the melody, i still love the essence of this song.

I’m now learning more about friendship .. learning to make friend with life it self in it’s own unique way.. This time from a different setting ..with different melody.. If it’s not working we’ll find another ..

So let’s put us a smile and grab as many friends as we can a long the way..

SPECIAL THANX TO: my Friends Warm Family

^^ JBU guys forever n ever ^^

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Me and SpongeBob.. YayYY!! we go again.. haha another sunny day in the early evening.. I should be happy because the sun is shining and knowing i have lots of good friends around me.Just like one cartoon character that i love the most "SpongeBob" !! hahahaha

Yap i'm talking about SpongeBob SquarePants the American television series that created by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg. Much of the series centers on the exploits and adventures of the title character and his various friends in the underwater city "Bikini Bottom."

It's one character that was created with no gender (Stephen Hillenburg, had previously denied that SpongeBob was gay in 2002. He clarified that he considers the character to be almost asexual)and specifically one character that will never go blue. This Yellow Sponge always look fun to watch. Hahaha so many funny things i found in that movie. Just the movie i need this days.

I've watch the series so many times.. and never got bored with it. I love the way he make friends.. no complaining..and always find a way to think positive. Even chasing jellyfish is fun or.. simply doing his regular job at Mr. Krab's place can be adventurous. SpongeBob laughs is always contagious.

This one simple character is one of my idol. Hehehe I love you SpongeBob..!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Today Daily Devotion

Couple of days ago i subscribe to

Tuesday, June 15th 2010

History Maker in icare

Today I will share the 10 criteria of how to be someone who have the Spirit of "iCare"

1. Someone whose opinion deserves appreciation and have wide perspective.
2. Someone who can help others from a negative attitude into a positive attitude
3. Someone who can motivate, strengthen, encourages, encouragement and inspiration to others
4. Someone who can bring others to know the people around him more successful and accomplished
5. Someone who can find ability / talents in the lives of others
6. Someone who has a positive outlook and attitude of a winner
7. Someone whose life is pure, holding fast to the integrity and honesty
8. Someone who can laugh at life and sometimes can laugh at himself lightly, and not make life very seriously
9. Someone who used to say I am a lucky man and I should be grateful
10. Someone who teaches us to understand the principles of excellence

God wants to make you and i as history makers but not everyone will be "History Maker". Where are you standing right now? 

Let's not make them as a manual guidance.. But as a good check list to our own self so maybe one day we'll be standing as History Maker.

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, 
always bring your own SUNSHINE."  
Anthony J. D'Angelo, The College Blue Book

Friday, June 11, 2010

SEXy me in The CITY

Night night ..!! I Just got back from watching another movie sequel i love since high school. It's Sex and The City 2. I really ..really to this movie because it tells a lot about being a girl.. friendship and of course about being a woman. There's always something Funny ..Sassy and Catchy about the story line..

This time, Carrie show me how she try to maintain the relationship..Not just to get the one that she love the most but also how to keep the "sparkle" in the relationship. It's not about what others might think .. it doesn't have the manual either.. You just gonna have to make the best effort that suit both of you the most.

The Sex and The City 2  take place at the marvelous Abu Dhabi city. Such an exotic place ..of course with such a deep Moslem culture. Lots of  fashion show going on that Arabic desert. Honestly, they wear Fashion that i don't even understand. hahaha.. but i guess this movie intentionally packed all the value under the Fabulous Artist, Labels, and Places. Of course with sarcastic joke in the name of Sex eventually.

Tips I noted about being in a relationship according to Sex and The City 2 especially for girls :
1. Please stop the nagging girl friend act thing.. (hahaha i guess i did that once)
2. Stop being so confusing and tell the guys what you really want. You definitely don't want them to guess your untouchable mind.

3. Just lower your expectation about how a relationship should do.
4. Take a little break is also healthy for special situation.
5. Forget what u should and u shouldn't do according to your friend and your family opinion..It's your life.. Your Relationship..!!
6. Throw away all the manual because love and romance comes naturally ^^

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Failure and Teardrops is the Beginning and the Gems

Allow me to start this with a saying i made a few days ago:
"I was looking out the window... Then i was trying to find the door to the place I've been looking at. I can't seem to find it anywhere. But i'm not giving up.  Because if i can still see them through the window.. i know i will be out there someday.."

There were times when we suddenly got wiser in life. Those moments are rarely comes from repeated success. The moment of failure is the best moment of our life. I can say this because without failure i wouldn't appreciate my success. 

Ir. Ciputra him self spoke the fact about the true entrepreneur arise from many failures more than anyone else, in order to success. An experienced man like him certainly know what his talking about. Even Confucious would agree by saying this quote "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."

This year ..i believe is going to be the start of the Golden Years. But believe is not what i have seen. Many down fall happens but how i try to keep them as a stepping stone under my foot is the real challenge. Believing and understanding the real success takes processing time. Woman at my age tend to see the sparkling moment but forgetting the sweat and teardrops that has been the gems to sparkle the moment itself. Been through so many things in life, has broaden my perspective.

Please learn to be grateful with me now.. it's hard but it's not going to be harder than facing life with ungrateful fillings... Bear with me and hold on tight to yourself every time the storm come. We can make it someday!

This minute.. " I'm still looking through the window and collecting teardrops one at a time to purchase one good big grin smile at the same time "

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Robin Hood the Movie 2010

Today as i finished working at my office exhibition.. i decided to watch this old school movie with one of my friend. I'm not a war movie addict .. but i guess then i realize how much i hate war between mankind. I hate to see the blood spilled for any reason. I believe the only war to make is war against Evil..Devil..or Lucifer itself. They are the reason we battle our everyday life. If we realize it way before..Crusade wouldn't happen. A mother wouldn't loose her beloved child.. A wife wouldn't loose her brave husband.. A child wouldn't loose a Father and Brothers...

Out of this movie i also realize the fact why England learn not to be a "Tyranny" upon it colony.. Tyranny only bring failure.. and a "Lousy" King will only bring disunity.. A good learner needs to evaluate them selves through every life experience.

This time i watch the other side of Robin Hood movie with a good history value. But i still hate war in any days.. in any ways.. in any means... May God Bless us all  ..