Saturday, June 5, 2010

Robin Hood the Movie 2010

Today as i finished working at my office exhibition.. i decided to watch this old school movie with one of my friend. I'm not a war movie addict .. but i guess then i realize how much i hate war between mankind. I hate to see the blood spilled for any reason. I believe the only war to make is war against Evil..Devil..or Lucifer itself. They are the reason we battle our everyday life. If we realize it way before..Crusade wouldn't happen. A mother wouldn't loose her beloved child.. A wife wouldn't loose her brave husband.. A child wouldn't loose a Father and Brothers...

Out of this movie i also realize the fact why England learn not to be a "Tyranny" upon it colony.. Tyranny only bring failure.. and a "Lousy" King will only bring disunity.. A good learner needs to evaluate them selves through every life experience.

This time i watch the other side of Robin Hood movie with a good history value. But i still hate war in any days.. in any ways.. in any means... May God Bless us all  ..

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