Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Mi Amigos

It’s my second night at my best friend’s house. A very warm house indeed.

I needed a get away lately..just a little change from routine to make my mind ease a little bit. Thanks God, he hears my plea and found me one character that understand me and very much like me in the end hahaha. She's a friend from Senior High at St. Maria, Surabaya, East Java. Never thought we came to the same University and Now we’re at the same office. She’s a very fun person. Her personality is very warm and definitely can light up the day for sure.

We were just friend, but now is more like best friend because she now knew the side that i’ve never showed to anyone else. Hahaha it wasn’t easy for me but when things aren’t so easy like this days.. i decided to open myself a bit more. Turns out .. it help a lot. At least the burden feels like has been taken an inch from my shoulder. Things that i thought i can handle my self will be easier to deal.

There are also other best friends that come and go in my life . The way i see it, they are unique in their own way.. Haha i can’t say it in details but they also come at my best and worst life experience.

There were good friends that accompany me too lately.. they help me share a ‘beer’ i called loneliness. Haha the quote i grab from “piano man” lyric (signature song from Billy Joel at 1973). A song that has been introduced lately by a new friend.

I like the way Billy Joel wrote the lyric of life and put them down together at the bar setting. I didn’t get the point actually, but my friend explain it to me wisely. Hahah.. so even if i didn’t really like the melody, i still love the essence of this song.

I’m now learning more about friendship .. learning to make friend with life it self in it’s own unique way.. This time from a different setting ..with different melody.. If it’s not working we’ll find another ..

So let’s put us a smile and grab as many friends as we can a long the way..

SPECIAL THANX TO: my Friends Warm Family

^^ JBU guys forever n ever ^^

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