Saturday, March 30, 2013

Releasing My Heart a Lil' Bit

Today i write again for the first time in 2013. I started to live in a new house this past few months. A tiring months since we have to adjust things and reorganizing old stuff to fit in the new place. But this activity actually brings me back to my good old stuff i used to collect. COMICS !! hahahah The characters in those comis i've read remind me what it feels like to fall in love. Hahaha feels like remembering my teenage days.

I remember my crushes and those teenage love life. Full of thrills and excitement LOL.. That was the days i clearly seems to be clueless that life storm might happen anytime soon. 

Being an adult change everything i was ever dream about. I never stop believing i'm going to something more than just what i have right now, but i gain wisdoms thru' all the sorrow and problem i face lately. I realize what "give in" means.. I thank God for little things in life instead just asking Lord Jesus with egoistic demand.

This will be the week i start to pray to God for contentment in my heart. Not the selfishness to bring me joy.. but to walk in faith when the road seems to be impossible to walk by.

May His Love and Grace is more than sufficient to cover my tormented soul. Amen