Thursday, May 14, 2009

ForGettinG...but Not ForgotteN

I was brushing my teeth this morning when i was thinking about todays topic...I remember i found something to talk about...but now I forgot about i just getting older??

GeezzZZ...I'm getting to this kinda situation quite often. Forgetting stuff that i know i already done before. This is getting silly somehow. I'm only in my 20's but my brain just don't fit in to memorizing little things any more.

I've read some article bout this a few days ago. The article wrote these is one of the symptom of getting less sleep at night. We should be doing like 8 hours or more sleep everyday.'s a good idea if i can really get sleep hat much...but...really...after long hours at the office i want to something else that could keep me up 'till late at night. Usually i use Saturday or Sunday to get a lot of sleep...but i guess it won't be able to cover as much as i want either... must goes on anyway...i think i should buy ginko biloba extract or something on my way home...

Ciao Ciao...have a Great Good Friday!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I wish My HaiR grow FastEr...

A typical things to do for a girl is to cut her hair to the latest fashion in town then...just grow them back instantly when it's no longer in shape. Honestly, having a bad hair day could effect my whole day. So i always wish my hair to grow faster and faster and faster every time i need a drastic change on my look.

But the point is...i guess it's not always just about having my hair back.....i say this in several situation. As in my transition age i wish things to come instantly. Instant food... Instant solution...Instant job...etc.etc... I guess it's in our blood now a days to make every thing a lot faster and easy. Time has consuming our life..because we have to be in a lot of place just by minutes. The traditional things that usually taking longer time will be forgotten and left behind.

What effect will it cost in the future??? ehm...i think it's going to be fun to imagine..But...for some reason...i know this will be like two side of a coin... Bad and good result will appear in a whole new dimension.. We won't be able to argue it again somehow cos' it's just happen..what will be will be...

Que Serra Serra me amigos...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 what you are made of..!! all i got in my early age.
There's a lot to dream of when i was young just by watching a lot of new things around me. Notice a child with their twinkle eye starring at ice cream store lately...??? They might dreaming about owning the store and having the whole world fill with fluffy ice cream.

Some big achievement coming from this big dream at the early age. But some of the dream may also be dissolve as time goes by. What about my dream?? Is it gone already??

I don't even remember what was it...!! It's a night mare for me to grow up and not even realizing any dream just because i don't remember the dream at all. So really...i say this to every child to every dreamer...don't let go The DREAM!! Don't waste time to be every body else is dream !! I grew up just to be told by others what to ...what school I'm in...what kind of job should i do..etc...etc...etc...

I'm not regreting my life and what i am now a days..but if only i could do things my way...maybe i already ahead closer to what I'm dreaming of.

So it to late to start dreaming today??!! I don't think so.. I'm trying to rebuilt my dream..I' trying to find a new story in my life. I'm trying not to listen anybody else (in a good way i mean). I'm trying to find that glimpse in my eyes again after all that everyday life that's just going on and on.

I started this with deciding what i love and what i don't prefer. I'm developing my skill at crafting...remembering what makes me happy when i was a child. Deciding what kind of color i want to show in my life.

I say it's an invitation for you...come and join me building dreams in this piece of world...!!!!

Working?? Uhhh yeahh or..UhhhHH...yaicks..??!!

First thing about working is to be independent. Unstoppable buying syndrome attack my mind when i got my first job. In Indonesia is more common to finish bachelor degree or college before getting a proper have to wait until I'm 21 for this... I was working as a marketers in Citigroup corporation, Citibanking Indonesia, Surabaya branch .. But was it as exciting as it sound???

First job means a lot...that i agree...but it's not everything that i wanted to... :D

So i move on to my second job as HR Staff. I agree it's more comfortable to me than it was before...but honestly it still not exactly what i always want..

One thing about getting a job is the fact that you work for others than yourself...I personally not prefer to it...I want to work for me selfish but as's not my dream being command by others.

And now..I'm thinking about what i want.... what fits me best and for sure...what makes me happy..Is it Money, Arts, Pleasure, or simply just being a housewife...stay at home mom...??(not that i degrade stay at home mom's job...).

So for me...I'm still reflecting my self within my jobs and trying to figure out the real me.

What about you???