Tuesday, May 12, 2009

DreaM..is what you are made of..!!

Dreaming...is all i got in my early age.
There's a lot to dream of when i was young just by watching a lot of new things around me. Notice a child with their twinkle eye starring at ice cream store lately...??? They might dreaming about owning the store and having the whole world fill with fluffy ice cream.

Some big achievement coming from this big dream at the early age. But some of the dream may also be dissolve as time goes by. What about my dream?? Is it gone already??

I don't even remember what was it...!! It's a night mare for me to grow up and not even realizing any dream just because i don't remember the dream at all. So really...i say this to every child to every dreamer...don't let go The DREAM!! Don't waste time to be every body else is dream !! I grew up just to be told by others what to ...what school I'm in...what kind of job should i do..etc...etc...etc...

I'm not regreting my life and what i am now a days..but if only i could do things my way...maybe i already ahead closer to what I'm dreaming of.

So ...is it to late to start dreaming today??!! I don't think so.. I'm trying to rebuilt my dream..I' trying to find a new story in my life. I'm trying not to listen anybody else (in a good way i mean). I'm trying to find that glimpse in my eyes again after all that everyday life that's just going on and on.

I started this with deciding what i love and what i don't prefer. I'm developing my skill at crafting...remembering what makes me happy when i was a child. Deciding what kind of color i want to show in my life.

I say it's an invitation for you...come and join me building dreams in this piece of world...!!!!

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