Thursday, May 14, 2009

ForGettinG...but Not ForgotteN

I was brushing my teeth this morning when i was thinking about todays topic...I remember i found something to talk about...but now I forgot about i just getting older??

GeezzZZ...I'm getting to this kinda situation quite often. Forgetting stuff that i know i already done before. This is getting silly somehow. I'm only in my 20's but my brain just don't fit in to memorizing little things any more.

I've read some article bout this a few days ago. The article wrote these is one of the symptom of getting less sleep at night. We should be doing like 8 hours or more sleep everyday.'s a good idea if i can really get sleep hat much...but...really...after long hours at the office i want to something else that could keep me up 'till late at night. Usually i use Saturday or Sunday to get a lot of sleep...but i guess it won't be able to cover as much as i want either... must goes on anyway...i think i should buy ginko biloba extract or something on my way home...

Ciao Ciao...have a Great Good Friday!!

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