Thursday, August 20, 2009

ToO mUcH mEanS NotHinG

Well...well...well..after quite some time I've stop writing...I'm starting again today..
I must say...this is really hard for me to keep consistence writing my little thoughts everyday.

I honestly having so many things going on in my life lately. It's not that I'm complaining..but i keep distracted by so many stupid little things. This stupid little things are actually created by me either. I always want's never enough for me for what it is. So lately I'm trying to refocus my life all over again.

Have you ever feel like this??? hahaha maybe not much people can understand what i meant. Think..I'm quite complicated to understand...and it's because i want so many things at the same time, thinking so many things at the same the end..i'm doing so little things at the same time.. Hahahah...

So i must give you an advice not to think a lot like me...just follow your passion...accept for life as it is today...and maybe someday it will lead you to a happier place..or if you have no idea about your passion ..just follow what your heart tell you to do..make sure it's also the right things to do..and don't forget to give thanks in just about everything you have.

JBU !!! In God we trust..In Him we live happily ever after!!

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