Friday, December 31, 2010

Ten - Eleven

Yayyy it's already at the end of 2010.. Another year has passed... real quick...with more mistakes and downfall but also comes with the packages of happiness and rewards in life.. I Thank God for his guidance through out the year. For giving me experiences that makes me a better woman.

The OLD is where the black and white memories live..
Struck me with tears and laughter.
Complete my puzzle as i walk and gain more piece..
Filled my heart with memories.

The NEW is where i start an adventure
a new gate to open..
Give me a chance to find more destiny
a new layer to peel..

Stand in between..
Makes me realize of whom i have left behind
Faces and Moments that will endure forever
Makes me awake of what future might bring
Journeys and Treasures that will awaits my presence

Happy New Year's Eve and Happy New Year my friends... What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.. God Speed .. ^^ Bless us all

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Warmest days of the year

Christmas is where our heart set after a full long year of working. A
journey stop to enjoy a warm Christmas Day with dearest people around us.

My Christmas and new year comes with tradition of cooking and gathering around Christmas show on TV.. never changed for 26 years of my life. Family always comes first by far. Prayers and songs accompany the whole day of happiness. The blessings filled the air on every places I've seen.

Thank God that this Christmas i still have my family around.. ^^ Be Merry !!