Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dear Papa

Papa..your hair is turning grey
Papa..your walk is getting slower
Papa..your skin is aging
Papa..your hearing is weaken

Papa..you will be getting older this year
Papa..I'm sorry if I didn't do enough
Papa..you are going to celebrate 7 th decade of living this year
Papa..I'm sorry I haven't give you enough

Papa..I did the best I could
Papa..I've been through a lot with you
Papa..I've support this family for more than a decade now..but
Papa..I..feel like giving up lately

Papa..I stay silent and put on a smile
Papa..I hide my depression and anxiety from you
Papa..I want to look strong for you..but
Papa..I wish to give up

Papa..I'm not that strong

Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Train is Here..and It Won't Stay Long

I know I have to stop looking back
I know there is nothing left for me to stay
I know I was being unwanted
I know I have only me to be happy

I do not know what's going to happen
I do know I have to move forward
I do realize the next stop will provide a better life
I do believe that my God already wait for me there

I can still feel sad these days, but..
I can not dwelling in my feeling forever
I can still missing the past, yet..
I can not stay to wait any longer

I wish to say goodbye nicely
I wish you well..
I wish you happiness..
I wish to leave you and your memories behind