Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Leader Disappointment

i have learnt these days... the higher our position...the more responsibilities we have... We seems tend to disappoint more people too. Every thing that we try to do somehow can't please everyone. We tried our best.. we sort it through and still all we hear is complaints.

So if.. me at my age.. with only responsible as curriculum team feels these way... then.. how about our Mr. President ? or even more.. God ?? Can you imagine how many people is under their responsibility ?
And as a leader.. someone at the top is actually never try to make bad decision.. They have their own situation to look at at larger scale... They have their own judgement despise all the suggestion... They actually tried to please all of their people needs..yet... their people miss understand them easily.

Now i know a little how that must have felt for the leader of our nation ....." DISAPPOINTMENT ". ... i guess God would have feel the same too when He tried so hard to look after every each one of us and all we do is complaint to God every single day. When He made decision to sacrifice His only son Jesus.. it was for us too but we tend to took it for granted. While God making bigger and better plan for our life.. we tend to complaint how hard our life is...

You know.. i feel very lucky now.. that i have my chances to go through a lot of things lately. All the bad stuff all the hard work..all the experiences and new career opportunity..has lead me to understand a lot of things.. to see things in a new dimension.. in a new perspective. I grew a lot... and i Thank God for it..

Yet... my life still growing far from perfect.. i still also need to learn self controlling a lot more these days..