Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Working?? Uhhh yeahh or..UhhhHH...yaicks..??!!

First thing about working is to be independent. Unstoppable buying syndrome attack my mind when i got my first job. In Indonesia is more common to finish bachelor degree or college before getting a proper job...so..i have to wait until I'm 21 for this... I was working as a marketers in Citigroup corporation, Citibanking Indonesia, Surabaya branch .. But was it as exciting as it sound???

First job means a lot...that i agree...but it's not everything that i wanted to... :D

So i move on to my second job as HR Staff. I agree it's more comfortable to me than it was before...but honestly it still not exactly what i always want..

One thing about getting a job is the fact that you work for others than yourself...I personally not prefer to it...I want to work for myself..call me selfish but as youngster..it's not my dream being command by others.

And now..I'm thinking about what i want.... what fits me best and for sure...what makes me happy..Is it Money, Arts, Pleasure, or simply just being a housewife...stay at home mom...??(not that i degrade stay at home mom's job...).

So for me...I'm still reflecting my self within my jobs and trying to figure out the real me.

What about you???

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