Friday, June 11, 2010

SEXy me in The CITY

Night night ..!! I Just got back from watching another movie sequel i love since high school. It's Sex and The City 2. I really ..really to this movie because it tells a lot about being a girl.. friendship and of course about being a woman. There's always something Funny ..Sassy and Catchy about the story line..

This time, Carrie show me how she try to maintain the relationship..Not just to get the one that she love the most but also how to keep the "sparkle" in the relationship. It's not about what others might think .. it doesn't have the manual either.. You just gonna have to make the best effort that suit both of you the most.

The Sex and The City 2  take place at the marvelous Abu Dhabi city. Such an exotic place ..of course with such a deep Moslem culture. Lots of  fashion show going on that Arabic desert. Honestly, they wear Fashion that i don't even understand. hahaha.. but i guess this movie intentionally packed all the value under the Fabulous Artist, Labels, and Places. Of course with sarcastic joke in the name of Sex eventually.

Tips I noted about being in a relationship according to Sex and The City 2 especially for girls :
1. Please stop the nagging girl friend act thing.. (hahaha i guess i did that once)
2. Stop being so confusing and tell the guys what you really want. You definitely don't want them to guess your untouchable mind.

3. Just lower your expectation about how a relationship should do.
4. Take a little break is also healthy for special situation.
5. Forget what u should and u shouldn't do according to your friend and your family opinion..It's your life.. Your Relationship..!!
6. Throw away all the manual because love and romance comes naturally ^^

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