Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Failure and Teardrops is the Beginning and the Gems

Allow me to start this with a saying i made a few days ago:
"I was looking out the window... Then i was trying to find the door to the place I've been looking at. I can't seem to find it anywhere. But i'm not giving up.  Because if i can still see them through the window.. i know i will be out there someday.."

There were times when we suddenly got wiser in life. Those moments are rarely comes from repeated success. The moment of failure is the best moment of our life. I can say this because without failure i wouldn't appreciate my success. 

Ir. Ciputra him self spoke the fact about the true entrepreneur arise from many failures more than anyone else, in order to success. An experienced man like him certainly know what his talking about. Even Confucious would agree by saying this quote "Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall."

This year ..i believe is going to be the start of the Golden Years. But believe is not what i have seen. Many down fall happens but how i try to keep them as a stepping stone under my foot is the real challenge. Believing and understanding the real success takes processing time. Woman at my age tend to see the sparkling moment but forgetting the sweat and teardrops that has been the gems to sparkle the moment itself. Been through so many things in life, has broaden my perspective.

Please learn to be grateful with me now.. it's hard but it's not going to be harder than facing life with ungrateful fillings... Bear with me and hold on tight to yourself every time the storm come. We can make it someday!

This minute.. " I'm still looking through the window and collecting teardrops one at a time to purchase one good big grin smile at the same time "

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