Saturday, June 26, 2010

Marrying Career ..

I thought about this, couple of weeks ago.. I even made a statement on FB that gloomy  afternoon: "the best boyfriend so far is work".

Girls quite agree with the statement haha .. I myself  honestly facing  women that haven't got married at my workplace.. They doesn't seem to bother about it and the way i see it they enjoy their life as much as anybody else.. They make their own agenda with each other.. Traveling to places and they definitely can pay their own bills..their own car..and of course their own style.

From other blog I've read recently, there is the right term for this condition. It's incel (Involuntary celibacy (or incel) is the state of a person who has not established an intimate relationship or engaged in sexual intercourse for reasons other than voluntary celibacy or sexual abstinence. The term is used especially for people who, despite general expectations, have had little to no sexual or romantic experience. Incel generally affects males more than females)

Women probably having their own struggle about this, but i believe women are a strong creature. They will grew stronger anyhow.. 

And so there were this one particular woman that stand out among those amazing  unmarried woman at my workplace. A strong woman figure indeed. She decided to move on her career at Jakarta recently. She drive her own car to travel 674 km long journey this morning. I knew her as a "Loud" figure that sound her voice because she believe in her opinion. She never retreated. Keep moving with her enthusiasm and ideology. Hahaha.. it's hard to face this kind of woman.. but i admire her in my own way. I learn about determination through her eyes...

She probably decide marrying her own career as she hit 40 this year. She doesn't lack of anything at all. She feels and looks complete all the way. I don't know how she did it but as i said goodbye to her yesterday.. She advice me to always ask God : "What He wants me to do? What way should i take?" and always believe that everything we do ..we do it for God. We are just servants of God.. we shall obey His words.

I almost cry yesterday hahaha but i kept it in my heart and i promise my self to get stronger and stronger everyday just like her...

Good bye to you Ms. TBRD I will see you somewhere in the future. Keep fighting for what you believe... ^^

little sarcastic joke:


and as for myself: " I'd rather to be incel than to marry a guy because of his money" 

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