Friday, July 9, 2010

Deal with yourself and Kick it UP !!

Time to write another composition in my life..

A theme has been chosen... a soundtrack and a singer has been decided...  James Morrison playing well enough in my ear at this very minutes... Love the way he deliver every song he sang.. Ok let's start..

"Life without "f" (friends, family) is a Lie.. Life without "if" means nothing... but i hate "if" in the middle of life.. since i hate to dream just to wake up feeling empty!!"

That will be the statement I've been thinking lately and i put it on my FB .. just to remind me not to wish for something that can only be a dream for me.. Hahaha.. on the contrary.. i hate to admit that i do dream a better looking life all my life. The simplest dream is currently the hardest to achieve... And that simple dream has been drawn well enough by Disney Pixar masterpiece from UP the movie

i honestly want lots of things in life but the life i live filled with lots of  "if" words... and the only "if" I've been holding on lately is something i try to "kill" and forget.. Maybe it's because of the quarter life crisis ... but yeahhh life can be strange and melancholic sometimes..So here's 7 tips for our melancholic mood:

1. Sleep on it.. You might feeling better tomorrow
2. Listen a good "soul" song
3. Contact all of your friend and make a date with them hahaha
4. Write it down to loosen up the heart beat
5. Sing at the top of your lung... (Hahahaha it works for me just fine)
6. Laugh about it and take it easy on yourself
7. Pray ...just pray... God is the final answer.. :)

Well ...since i believe 7 is the perfect number... let's just finish it up and sleep on it.. There's still sun shining for us everyday..that means new hope.. new start is still available in store ;)

....... and moving on my life with James Morrison's ensemble ...... We're not lost.. just undiscovered....

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