Sunday, July 18, 2010

Life is a Boxing Arena

It's raining outside.. the clock is ticking at 10.25 PM..

I Just finished watching "My Sister's Keeper", an outstanding movie about a family .. A wonderful family of five. There were Dad, Mom, Jesse, Kate, and Anna.They look happy and fun to the outside world..but there's always "something"... Kate is the middle child with leukemic disease. As the family grows.. each one has a very special unique role to each other...but they held up together through the "storm"..

I cry when i watched the movie.. i got touch with the characters.. I see how strive a mom can be for her child's life... or how hard it is to let go..that you won't listen anything... It was a heart breaking moment ..

Speaking of heart breaking moment... I've been there few times..Haha.. yeap it's not nice.. You could feel the unseen knife cut through your heart and soul.. but in the end i know i will let things go.. I'm still shining..and smiling.. and running.. The hit is less painful than what i have to deal in my family's affair..

The other day..somebody gave me a clip of an old school movie "Rocky Balboa".. there's one quote he want to show me: "But it ain't about how hard you hit... Its about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward ...How much you can take and keep moving forward...That's how winning is done."

The quote is quite inspirational but i already get used to get and take the hit... and thanks God i never get knocked down.. Well, at least i never went blank out.. Then I'm starting to questioning.. "if life is a boxing arena.. how many rounds should i survive??" hmm.. who can give me the answer? However, life is incredibly awesome if i think it through.. There's always some sacrifices need to be made to make sure the other grow and have their chances..

The deal is that.. i know it's never easy.. never..!! Anyone will agree no matter how strong they really are.. Sh*ts do happen in every single living person on earth today. We all having this "situation" that suffocate us. Hidden and locked away in our "closet".. So i suggest us to safe enough energy to face every single hit in life could possibly offer. Get trained from simple hit like breaking up and love .. we'll be doing just fine in the end... Just fine..:)

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