Saturday, May 8, 2010

When a Forest Gets Big

as i browse around ..i found this wonderful quote:
"When a forest gets big, there are all kinds of birds…" 
[there are all kinds of people in the world]

There are so many kind of people we see every single day. When you go to work, when you went shopping today, when you trap waiting at the pick up point, or even your neighbors, your friends..your friend' friends...your co worker... None of them are the same. Even a twin has their own specific identity.

We live everyday facing them and maybe becoming them.. People we hate the most is somehow the one that actually similar to us.We try to be a good person every day..building up a good mood in the morning..yet we sometimes end up angry or sad in the evening.. It's all because we surrounded by those characters that affect us in so many way.

Just imagine them as a bird tweeting all over the place saying all you want to hear..all the bad thing you hate..all kind of things you might never imagine they would say before. It's like no matter how hard you try to do your best ..not everyone would say things that you want to hear. Not everyone happy with what you do, because they are not similar to you..

The older you are the more person you see in your life... This people will shape and sculpt your character as you grow. You will have more story to tell and to hear.

I admire Jesus for doing such a great creation. No human being would ever create anything like it. Yet in that so many creation many faces i see everyday, I always see my Dad's face.. (well of course he's my only Dad).

As i live my life.. i fall in love ..get some crush.. angry with some butt head ..crying for loosing someone.. i know i always find some comfort from my Dad. As for my self, daddy is the one that affect me the most. I admire how he deals with his life and with everyone he meet all of his life. He still loves my mom no matter how she treat him. He's the best Dad in the whole world for me..and i can't imagine myself loosing him.

So here's one cute little tweeting bird to comfort you at the end of the day

What about you?? who affect you among those "tweeting" birds?? Don't forget to say how much you love them !! ^^

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