Monday, December 23, 2013

The Frozen Heart : 5th Charm

So... okay.. i got late post again..
Yesterday i decided to treat my self with movies and food and groceries shopping ... A simple date with myself.
Thanks God.. the weather was nice ..not gloomy and not rainy. But i went home quite late and pretty much tired.

I watched "Frozen" ..A nice cartoon movie by Disney. I really do like the characters..the settings.. the whole movie is amazing. Hahahaha.. what can i say.. i still love Disney Movie no matter how old i am. It always feels magical. This 'child like' heart inside of me never fail to enjoy such things.

One of the character is Elsa.. the Ice Queen.. she has a charm to freeze things.. every thing she touch becomes ice. She can make beautiful ice castle and everything but at the same time she can wound her sister with her charm. It was all in the matter of a 'heart'. A happy heart or a fearful heart. In the first half of the movie she always said "don't feel..conceal it" .. guess what.. we did that once in a while.. We prentending to be happy and keep that warm smile.. when our heart is actually  as cold as ice inside.  That movie remind me to keep asking Jesus to melt my "ice rock" heart.

The past few years built me up as an ice queen to my cousins, aunts, and uncles.. Yes.. it is true that they hurt my family once..but do i have the right to judge them..? Who am i to 'cast a spell' upon them ? But i haven't got a chance to fix this. Up until today.. i still fight my self to settle the problem and ask for forgiveness. Not that i claim that I'm lost.. but to bring peace in my heart. Put this a side.. Thanks God for forgiving me numerous times. He never has "ice cold" heart upon my mistakes and sins. How can i be this 'ice cold' to someone else?

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