Monday, December 23, 2013

The Indulgence of Christmas Eve: My 6th Bless

Indulgence is actually the guilt has been forgiven written in Catholic Encyclopedia. I'm not a Catholic actually. I have few Catholic friends and they are pretty much a good Catholic.

I love the way they translate the word "Indulgence" : a gratification from Jesus upon our sins. Can you imagine to live a life without any gratification? I don't think i made it to be a Christian if Jesus never been born .. tormented and died up on that cross. Human Race will never be forgiven and will be wiped away in an instance if God doesn't have any mercy. This is our bless. He died for us to live.. He was born poor to make us rich.. He was sacrificed saved us all.

This is my Christmas devotion "How deep is our gratitude upon this abundant blessing He has given to us ?"
"How are we going to show our gratitude heart to Him?" Been in this devotion many times.. But when the answer is so clear of things that i should do .. i end up not really doing it. For heaven sake.. how can we ever take this "indulgence" for granted ?

well anyway.. keep this question inside our heart.. so that when we pray tonight.. we can continuously pray to keep our heart away from sin and may God gives us courage to repay His pure loving heart for us.. That we will do better in showing our gratitude heart after Christmas.

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