Friday, December 27, 2013

Rainbow Troops : The Edensor ..My10th Story

I was watching my favorite movie the day before today. Indonesian Movie "Laskar Pelangi: Edensor ". THis one Indonesian movie taken from best selling novel by Andrea Hirata. From the very first movie of Laskar pelangi i always have a good feeling after seeing the movie. This movie tell story about friendship and dreams. Simple things that everybody wants.

There is one sentence that capture my heart even after 2 days away : " Dream as high as you can ..that God can embrace and hold your dream". I have so many dream.. but i didn't pursue them with all of me because i still have responsibility to my Dad.. but you can imagine if i don't have anyone else beside me.. i might just leave Indonesia already and chase my dreams to travel around the world and just stop myself from having too much to think of. Thats why.. once in a while i think this is not everything that i can be. I can do more... and i want more!! This is not the life i want to live. One day.. i can't hold back the rebel side of me any longer. Until that day come.. i'll be patiently wait and keep on dreaming as high as i could that God can embrace my dreams so easily.

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