Friday, December 27, 2013

9th Days of Devotion

Have a thankful heart is lesson i choose to do to end 2013.  Getting 12 days of thanks God challenge remind me to keep my humble heart and put my gratitude before complaining to bad things.

the 9th post also got delayed yesterday..because i have a date with my friends hahah my girls form Master Program class.. I really do thankful that i have friends that i can hang out with. Funny and talkative friends indeed. We just decide to catched up each other stories. Some are loosing someone.. some are happy in love.. some are just like me.. But to top it all we decide to laugh everything in our life and just have fun. I don't remember being so alone when i'm with them. We even agreed the only thing we gain from Master Program is new friends and family. Hahahaha.. Oh and we get to know two new Hongkong Friends too. Hahaha Tania decide to tag a long 2 of her foreign friends with her. Well i think we've been a bad host yesterday..because we pretty much just talk between ourself. Well.. hopefully they can understand we didn't mean to exclude them.

By September this year.. i thank God that He add another year into my life. Friends and family also join to celebrate my birthday. I should be thank God for another year that has been added to my Dad's life too. For without a Dad i might live so alone. Thanks God for bringing me joy thru' people around me.

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