Sunday, December 22, 2013

The 4th Day

oke... so here we go.. the 4th day.. something i grateful for in April 2013..

This challenge is simply not easy at all.. hahahah but to force myself remembering things makes me realize there is more i should be thankful for in life.

April.. hmm... so what was happening yaa.. lol.. i really do forget this month.. this is definitely my second month in my master degree.. Things are awesome .. better yet.. my boss propose me for a new job opportunity. I've been propose to the same job last year actually.. but i still haven't got a clue how to answer this so i passed. This time.. i said yes. !!

God listen to my prayer and one of them is about my job. Sometimes i feel like i was born to do something greater.. better than just being admin as in my previous job this past 5 years. Not like i feel beeter than any other as in i praise myself.. is just that i don't want to get stuck in a place where i couldn't do any change at all. Being in my previous job definitely stop me for doing major change. It was frustrating. So... it was a BIG YES for me this time. I don't think that i can do this but i try my best. At least i have the heart to do this job.

I have to wait for my replacement and everything else should be in place before i really moved in to my new office desk. Hahaha best moments of the year indeed.

Thanks God for another opportunity this year. I really love this year.

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