Friday, December 20, 2013

February through March : Ask and You Shall be Given

Yesterday I missed one of the 12 days of thanks God challenge. So many things to do since morning. So I try to keep up to day.

One of my gratitude toward Jesus in February 2013 is … uhmm… ahahahah this takes time.. cos’ I really don’t remember what happened in February. I still don’t have a date but.. I guess this was the month where I looked forward to start my new journey as a student one more time. Yes.. one of the amazing opportunity I had in 2012 is to propose scholarship to study at Universitas Ciputra. Somehow all of the board of director agreed and early this year I join the test. Guess what??!! I got accepted at Master of Entrepreneurship, Universitas Ciputra !!

This is one of my dream to continue and pursue my Master Degree. God listen really carefully for this wish.. after 7 years, I finally continue my studies free of charge and still got full salary every month. Thanks God for this.

On March, I start my first class. Well I try to fit in with all this newbie around me.. hahaha.. Half of the class are younger than me. But I guess I manage to blend in quite well. March 2013 is another Month to be thankful for.. indeed. A new beginning actually happened continuously through out the year.. 

Sometimes.. things that I found it impossible… God made it happen just in the right time. 
Lesson learned during this month : I didn’t get anything because I probably not asking properly enough to Him. 

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