Tuesday, December 24, 2013

And On The 7th Day.. He Rest

7th Day of 12 days thanks God challenge is here. Turn out it is exactly on Jesus born day.
Happy born day Jesus.. we really really do love You. Hahahaha..

Thanks God it's Christmas. My 29th Christmas. Thanks God for His blessings i can still enjoy Christmas.. Still without my Mom.. but i still have that chef skill in the kitchen. So.. as in tradition.. i made home made pasta and pudding for dessert. Today.. i will make another home made cooking.. i'm thinking grilled dory and potato salad. Yeap... this is my season to put my professional chef skill into action hahahah.

The pasta recipe is simple but taste fantastic.. My Dad is the biggest fan of my home made cooking. He never complain anything about my taste in cooking. Hahahahaha.. and he allow me to make trial and error here and there. Growin up without my Mom means i really get all the skill needed to survive in the kitchen. It all started when i really wanted to eat homemade macaronie schotel. Hahaha no Mom means i need to cooked it myself. I search, browse and make adjustment to my taste and voila.. turn out i can cook !!  And the kitchen got busy again ever since. Thanks Mom.. i know i'm your child because little things that i can do ..today.. i know you got that skill too. Miss you a lot this Christmas.. See you when i see you Ma...

Merry Christmas Fellas.. this is the day to bless one another.. Day that God has given us His only Son. May God bless us all. Be the light !!

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