Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12 Days of Thanks God Challenge : Brand New January

Out of any other days through out the year.. i choose this last 12 days of 2013 to count the blessings. One day to represent one month in a year. I have to think and count all of my blessings from January to December.

So .. today is the kick off.. Hahaha let's count !!

January 2013 is the month of the new beginning.. I start a whole new life this year. January is my first step to start the Journey. Thank God .. few opportunity arise this year. I remember i moved in to a new house around this month. Hectic .. sad.. yet.. i thank God that somebody would kindly lent us a house.

For real.. at the end of 2012 .. Me and my dad was very confused about where to go after the house contract ended by January 2013...yet God almighty shown us His miracle once more. Somebody that has been helping our neighbour also willing to help us. She rent one of her house to us for free. YES i said it one more time FREE for two years. Wow... God is really good to us !! He never late .. He always in time to help us. So.. by November and December 2013 we spend some money to decorate the new house...fixing things and repainting it.

January 2013.. the house looks amazing .. and everything we need already in place. We officially moved in to a new house for FREE. We did spend some money but it's nothing compare to actually rent a new house.

Thanks God.. His miracle still and always available for those who need and ask to Him.

Jesus is my saviour and i really glad i start this 12 days of thanks God challenge. I don't want to forget moments i've experienced with Him.

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