Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rejoicing the Suffering !!!

Today is Sunday.. the day for my Jesus..

The Preacher took Job, the Servant of God as his topic. Job is one man that has been loved by God for his endurance and his believes.. Even though Satan had put him into so much trouble.. He still believe in God.

The same story happen at 1800 .. A guy named Horatio Spafford lost his fortune after the Great Chicago Fire swept through the city he lived. Two years later he sent ahead of him his family: his wife and their four children to a cruise ship for a holiday to England. He lost his 4 daughters when the ship was struck by an iron sailing vessel during the cruise. Luckily, his wife "Anna Spafford" survived. On his way to see his wife.. he wrote a hymn that we now known as "It Is Well With My Soul"

They were living in a very different Era. Yet they lived with such outstanding believes to keep continued their life with hope and faith... One thing that i need to learn a lot through this journey..Surrender and keep believing His wonderful plan He made for you and i... Happy Sunday ^_^ JBU

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