Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Scene to Another

Today i want to share a story from the old Chinese belief. This Taoism parable belief that life has its ups and downs, and does not always go up. Here's the simple story about a man named Sei Weng.

He owned a beautiful mare which was praised far and wide. One day this beautiful horse disappeared. The people of his village offered sympathy to Sei Weng for his great misfortune. Sei Weng said simply, "That's the way it is."

A few days later the lost mare returned, followed by a beautiful wild stallion. The village congratulated Sei Weng for his good fortune. He said, "That's the way it is."

Some time later, Sei Weng's only son, while riding the stallion, fell off and broke his leg. The village people once again expressed their sympathy at Sei Weng's misfortune. Sei Weng again said, "That's the way it is."

Soon thereafter, war broke out and all the young men of the village except Sei Weng's lame son were drafted and were killed in battle. The village people were amazed as Sei Weng's good luck. His son was the only young man left alive in the village. But Sei Weng kept his same attitude: despite all the turmoil, gains and losses, he gave the same reply, "That's the way it is."

As told by Chin-Ning Chu, in "The Asian Mind Game: unlocking the hidden agenda of the Asian business culture -- a westerner's survival manual," New York:Macmillan Publishing Company, page 182. (1991)

That story remind us to be grateful all the time.. and i believe that life is one giant mystery that can not be seen one scene at a time.. It has the link to every part of our life stages to make everything a lot more meaningful.. When you're down, remember that the cycle will bring you up once again !!

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