Friday, March 5, 2010

Blindfolded way with Him

Last Wednesday i cried real hard.. and feeling depressed after bad news came up about one of my Art work that has been ruined due to bad package handling. Thinking that i made that order until 3.30 AM in the morning and then i have to get up early just to get to work and post the package.. makes me angry. I suddenly felt upset 'cos i feel like my life is never easy with me in the last few years.. And I was desperately scared about the future that's just seems too far away from happiness.

I made a big mistake when i cried out and ask "Why" to Jesus again (meanwhile.. i already know the reason we shouldn't asked Why to Jesus when we have bad news...because we never asked Why when we are happy)

Yet i know I'm so lucky surrounded by people that loves me and cares for me.. My Dad hugged me.. My best friend called me to calm me down.. and today he sent me this email to remind me how much Jesus also loves me..

This email remind me a lot to learn to trust His Lead and believe that His plan is beautifully made for us since the beginning .. God bless you all :)

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