Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kobe Beef anyone?!

Hahaha well it's not a real treat offer for you guys.. but it's a question about living like Kobe "Cattle" beef. According to popular belief, the cattle are fed a beer a day, and they are massaged with sake daily and brushed for setting fur, and fed on grain fodder. So it's a very expensive cattle treatment isn't it?? Just imagine yourself born as one of cattle that can have this special day to day treatment.. Everything is exclusively for you. You probably living in such high maintenance and all that stuff with arrogant feeling. Yet you don't have any idea if finally you end up being slaughtered and sit nicely slice by slice on royal plate.

Yeah today's article is simply another analogy to remind us not to get doze by worldly goods. World and demon can definitely provide you with all the highly  expensive things in life but you'll end up being their slave. An eternal slavery at hell for sure.. So be good.. sit and think again when you find so many marvelous things comes to you. Use them wisely.. and remember not to be Kobe"Cattle" Beef  ^^ God Bless Us all..

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