Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Redeem yourself @ Your Lowest Point

A couple of nights ago.. since my insomnia got worse lately.. i found out that I've been growing with late night show even for such a comedy romantic like "Fun with Dick and Jane". An update comedy from 1977 that has been remake by 2005. A story about young couple living a good life but after a blink of an eye.. they financially got worse. No more health club membership..no more fancy garden...no more furniture..and in deep crisis to loose their only house. That's when the "Fun" begin.

Dick (played by Jim Carey) is 'promoted' to Vice-President of Communications by company CEO Jack McCallister and company CFO Frank Bascombe. He is also asked to appear on the show Money Life, where host Sam Samuels and then independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader dub him and all the company's employees as "perverts of the American dream" and claim that Globodyne helps the super rich get even wealthier. As they speak, the company's stock goes into a free-fall and is soon worthless, along with all the employees' pensions, which are in Globodyne's stock.This happen after he advice his wife to quit her job to spend more time with their son. So they both end up loosing the financial source at the same day.

Even when they try hard to fit in to the blue collar world, they still can't get no job anywhere. Even when Dick  give a shot to work in Spanish society.. end up Dick being mistakenly deported to the Mexican border.

They come to their lowest point when they receive letter of eviction. Dick decided to be the Bad Guy and try to rob convenience store .. Jane stand by her Man. From a prestigious family, they become criminal couple. By the climax of the movie, they encounter a drunk Frank Bascombe, who tells them that the crooked Jack McCallister signed off all of Globodyne's assets (totaling $400 Million), dumped the entire stock, and that he paid Bascombe $10,000,000 to keep his mouth shut (as it was McCallister's plan from the beginning). After Frank sobers up, they make a team and, through a devious and well put together plan, dupe Jack McCallister into reimbursing all of his former employees' pensions. The next day, Dick informs Jack of the act as the press and former Globodyne employees flock to him. McAllister is not sure what to say on TV as he has gained the reputation as a generous man who has aided those who worked for him, but the loss of his money has left him virtually penniless. The film ends with the wealthy Harper family driving along the highway and into the sunset. While Billy is teaching his parents Spanish words, another car drives up to them. In the car is Garth, his neighbor who tells Dick he's got a great new job at a company called Enron.

This simple movie actually received mostly negative reviews from critics. But i love how it can show the Enron scam.. This ironic comedy, show that in human life "things" happen and you can be anyone when you hit your lowest point. But how you redeem yourself is the "fun" part. This movie also showed the loyalty of a wife. Jane can choose to divorce Dick to marry other guy.. but she didn't.. She can choose to walk out on Dick when he decide to become a criminal but she choose to be the criminal partner. Dick can try to kill McAllister but he didn't. He can try to own the money for his own family yet he remember other former employees' pensions...

I'm not saying to be a criminal is the right thing to do.. but i guess i just want say that it can be worse.. isn't it?? There's so many option in life but choosing the right path, takes guts. We can judge others life but when we're on their shoes... we will understand them wisely.  I'm learning a lot from this comedy movie. I hope you can take your share to ... :) God Bless us.

*some are taken from wikipedia

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  1. weleh.. aku ketiduran nonton ini, untung happy ending ya :D
    nice review anyway ^^