Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trap in a Girl Body ..Burden with Man's Responsibility

This article was written few months a go. I haven't finished writing this as i just fall a sleep that night.

Here's something i said that night as i speak to my loved one. In general, this is something i found have been faced by thousand single mothers, top business women, or simply a woman who has mouths to feed. This women tends to be the man in the house. Every decision, every financial responsibility, and every future plan need to be made by themselves. This is the shoes that need to be taken whether they like it or not.

Women figure however they are more adaptable to the condition. Women are more likely stronger and easily to find jobs to make small money to feed the needs.. Street fighter skill might be needed sometimes hahahahaha..Well that's just the extreme way to say how women this days are tougher.

The problem is, women have lots of extra feeling in the middle of struggle sometimes. So of course the crying session is always becoming the drama opening. is.. at first.. but yes.. we deal with the problem in the end.

Stand Up Ladies.. !!! Let's hit it !! ^^

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