Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happily Ever After

My first article after happy journey I've gone through.. But Spring is up..!! and My love life is not so spring anymore..i'm back to write again.. :)

The most sold out idea is to have prince charming come and fight for a lady.. She can be princess to simply maid. But the Prince Charming will always be ready to fight for her.. That's such a beautiful idea..and every little girl read this or heard this from their mommy most of the time. Yet... reality doesn't always have a happy ending.

My Friends.. girlfriends..are mostly already married or expecting a baby. Some are still preparing the engagement and be newly wed this days.. And so i heard the story is always sweet..romantic..and never expected.. Of course the brave of the Groom side is always needed to progress the relationship. Therefore i know that Happily Ever After do exist.. but.. when it comes to my love department.. hmm.. i'm still wondering if there's any Prince Charming who's willing to fight for me. Yeah..the clock is ticking.. and so is my other problem haven't been solved yet ..

Life is being complex for me lately.. Somehow i don't know how to solve 'em all.. But once again.. all i have to do is doing my best and let God do the rest... Happily Ever After do exist someway..somehow..

Oh and BTW, living proof of fairytale should be Prince William and Kate Middleton
may they live happily ever after ^^

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