Saturday, May 21, 2011

Letting Go...

The hardest to letting go the one you love the most..

I've been through this feeling several time.. never get easier.. All i can do is asking to my self.. should i? How could he let me go after all that we've been through..??

No one seems to answer.. but i think God's whisper gently saying.. "The best is yet to come.. The right destiny is still on it's way. The puzzle hasn't solved yet.." and for that.. i should wait. Wait..and slowly letting go the love..

I know i have a lot of love and commitment when I'm in the relationship.. i wish i could find someone who's willing to do the same.. The one who commit and love me for who i am. The problem is.. i haven't found one yet.. And most of the time i have to let go.. It's painful..!! Indeed it's painful ...!!

Let's pray to God that i can survive another day to live and be thankful for what ever worst that come to me.. because it's only a journey.. Someday I'll get pass through all this.

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