Saturday, May 21, 2011

A House and A Home

Lately I've been dreaming to buy a house .Since my family bankruptcy years ago, me and my dad move in this temporary house. Next year will be the last of the contract of this house. I don't know where else to move ....and due to last year incident, i don't know if i can manage to get enough money in my saving account to buy a house.

While I'm thinking and calculating.. the house that i really want to buy is actually a "Home". Not just house of bricks. I miss the time when i have mom and dad together.. Sharing stories and laughter. Dear God knows how much i miss a warm home.. Dear God definitely know how much i wish my life is normal. I know, this pray goes out to many kids out there with broken family.. I know how it feel right now..

When i was a child i never knew that this will effect me.. but now i know how much this effect my personal life. I don't know how to tell this to others and not having low self esteem about it.

So today... my priority wishlist is a chance to come "Home". Home where my family can have dinner and feast at the table..and living room to be together with..


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