Thursday, January 28, 2010

living like a princess

Any girl will say Yesss!!!!! YAYYYY!!! or what ever it is.. hahahaha
But!! let's talk about this life out side the Bling Bling area.. Hmmmm will it still be fun??

The prestigious title will definitely a big slurpy thing for a girl.. but actually live in the glass shoes is another case my friend. I'm not making this article to say that I'm living my life like a princess, but i think i just want to share a thought that life is not just about the fame and fortune.

All the money in the world can't buy you happiness.. and being a princess might delight you for a while but you will still have to go through all the problem on your own. Yes.. you will deal with heart breaking moment either!! All the tears will still pouring down to cover the emotion of not having all you want (is it even possible ??). I guess ..even a princess still having things that she wish she could have, yet she doesn't..

That's life isn't it..:) It's fun when you can make it fun no matter who you really are.. My friend posted a status on her YM (Yahoo Messenger) a couple of days a go "Everyday may not be good..But there's always something good in everyday"

XOXO dear Friends

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