Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hillsong Concert

On Saturday August 14, 2010 i made a rush decision to take my part in a Charity Concert. Hillsong Charity Concert for House of Hope .. A house dedicated for orphanage children.

I don't know why ..but it's like a calling to came in to the concert.. a friend of mine Lenny Gunawan message me at FB around 4 PM and i still haven't decide to go ..5 PM i suddenly took a step to made a quick bath..and rushed to the Concert Spot.. it suppose to started  at 6 PM but i decided to bought the ticket like in 6.30 PM...

I guess i really can't fought the calling... Haha.. so i went in and enjoy the first part of the concert.. A charity part where we get to know House of Hope.. The dance and choir performance from this orphanage touches our heart... House of hope it self was funded only by pension fund of a teacher. She put her heart and soul to take care of this children..fed them..funded their school and give them love..a piece of heaven on earth for this kids.

The second part of the Concert is of course Hillsong showed up...with a rocking guitar performance..
I couldn't help my self to move forward and enjoy the rest of the performance.. I never really listen to their song.. i was only knew one or two song but.. they make me 'jump' that night.. 'Jump' in a good way of course .. There was 2 song i really like through out the performance "From The Inside Out" and "Mighty to Save".. But other numbers like.."one Way", "Take it All", "King of Majesty", and "Hosanna" was also awesome !!

After the first round performance, there was Pastor Lee preached about following The God Game Plan..Not long after that..came an altar calling to recommit our love to Jesus.. and yeap i did move forward to recommit myself.. Cos' somehow i know that i really know my Jesus from my past experience and He's the only thing that is real when others left and consume me with all of their inner thought.

The Concert went great.. not because it's real Hillsong or not.. but because of the atmosphere.. The Ballroom was full and 85% of it is under the age of 25.. It was awesome how God move this young people... The Closing Performance was unbelievable too.. None of us wants to leave the ballroom because we really enjoy every single part of the concert.. Jesus name has been glorified above all.. !!

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