Saturday, August 28, 2010

Human Capacity..

Have you ever wonder :
1. Why you born alone..?
2. Why you are the only child in the family?
Have ever questioning yourself
1. Are you happy being single?
2. Are you going to be happier as a couple?
Have you ever think about
1. When this problem ever be solved?
2. When the happiness start accompany your foot step?

None of us wonder..questioning..or think the same thing.. because... We don't have the same problem..We don't live the same life..We don't walk at the same path..

We have our own capacity.. None of us having the same equal capacity to carry the face the struggle.. Many times i felt so alone..but i manage to smile at the end of the day. Quite often to feel like there's too many problem, all at the same time..yet...i still keep some bag of laugh in my closet.

A coworker asked me yesterday about how i feel being the only child in the family.. She needed an answer to decide whether she's going to get pregnant of her second child or not.. I answered her at a very simple sentence.."Ask God.. Is your first daughter going to be strong enough to face everything on her self when she grow up?" will be best if God decide it for her instead trying to find answer from me..or anybody else.

As for me..i realize something.. I realize i must have been given big capacity that Jesus let me be alone until today. So many thing i have to face.. but He make everything's okay up to this day. So what are we talking about now? What is Human Capacity?

Human capacity in my opinion is integration of individual's skills, human intellectual, judgment, and technical aptitude to accommodate life. We are a cup..a glass ..a jar..a container of Life. Our capacity is given but also developing through time.. and of course depends on your willingness to be a better person day by day. Let your self questioning everything in life.. Have your self big curiosity.. Run your self with a courage to learn everything in life... But make sure you have settled a strong foundation first!! It's important to learn and knowing everything..but without 'strong foundation'..without guideline.. you will only run in circle..wandering around without a clue is useless.

So if you feel so low this days.. remember that you have special capacity. The problem and everything that  has been given to you already measure at the right proportion. Don't give up..!! Praise Jesus..praise your self. With Him..we can fight the world !!

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