Friday, February 12, 2010

V Dayyy!!

Ahahaha it's V day again.. A very Happy Day.. :P People will think i celebrate it many times..but i guess i only have 1 romantic valentine day dinner. It was fun.. but it's just a history now.

I didn't plan to see movie today but since i have to meet my customer at the Mall, i guess i suddenly eager to watch romantic comedy movie called "Valentine's Day". Very simple title with huge familiar artists to support this entire scene movie. Love it..but there's so many good quote that i can't seem to find on my past relationships... accept this quote " Oh how i envy you guys(already settle down) I'm so tired to be on so many dates " Uh huhhh.. i guess I'm on her position on that. I cry a bit at the end of the movie when those old everlasting couple make up at front of the cemetery movie theater that was so sweet how they fall in love with all the good and the bad of their loved one...

Call me such a weeper but i guess that's how i see LOVE, yet i haven't found anyone that willing to love me that way .. but i guess the world doesn't stop for your tears so I'll keep moving on to find the One.. hahhaha.. pray a lot to God for that ^^.

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