Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Juices of Life

Heyy y'all... !! in my quarter life .. i just realize that I'm in the middle of Juicy situation.. n yeap i mean it..in my own perspective!! :)

Life is never going to be nice or amazing without some procedural life step that we have to climb. This is undeniable fact that we have to face as a youngster.But don't worry guys.. there is a secret that I'm going to tell you.

The secret is: " when you get press down don't get stress out but think yourself like a fruit that has been pressed to make the best natural juice!! "
spices from : www.emagazine.com

Every time i get stressed out with the fact that I'm the only child and have to bear with the crucial financial problem in the family, i remember that this fact is the one that make me learn how to survive.. how i get my talent out.. how i understand those who struggle...how to make me shape my personality and make me a lot closer to Jesus..

So i must praise the Lord for everything that happen to me.. It happen for a reason and it's a good reason ..a very good reason because i know He always has a good plan for all mankind.

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