Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dearest Mom and Dad

Pride is..not how much i can spend the money
It's how much i can save and use it to make u happy ..dear Mom..n Dad..

Happy is ...not about how loud i can laugh
It is when i see you proud of me.. dear Mom..n Dad..

Success is ..not about fame and glory
It is ..when i can make your wish come true..dear Mom..n Dad..

Love is not about how many hug and kisses i received
It is .. when you give your life to raise me and stand by me in my bad moment..dear Mom..n Dad

Grateful is ..not about give thanks for being healthy and wealthy
It is.. when i thank God i have you as my parents..dear Mom n Dad

Thank you Mom.. thank you Dad.. through out all problem we've gone through..i feel at my best because i'm your child

PS : i'll always be a child for you Mom.. n Dad..

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