Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I remember i saw this quote one day and i remember it ever since. I'm in the part of life where i need to make CHOICE to take CHANCE and CHANGE my life.

Our life is always about choices. Some choices brings happiness some are seemingly tempting some are just brings sorrow. As we grow older we are our own decision maker. Not easy to choose out of these choices because there are emotion, feelings, situation and logic involve.

A wise one know how to make right choices.. but it takes practices and learning process from other experience to decide whether we are going to take right choice or not. As in our 20's.. passion and tension takes rule of our life that we tend to make bad choices. But sometimes we have to make this bad choices to take chances and not regreting things as our life gets older.

Those chances that we take lead us to who we are at the end of the days. Chances that show us the consequences. All of those things will add more pages to our story book of life. Some experiences that are worthy enough to Change our life.. to be a better person for God, for our loved one, and for others.  

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