Monday, October 25, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love

We as human being having basic needs for Food, Clothes, and House. But i guess in life we end up only need to Eat, Pray, and Love. A certain way of living your life to the fullest.

Yesterday i watched this movie. It was played on my nearest movie theater, my boyfriend  and i decided to go and see the movie. I've seen the book review before, so i kinda interested to see the story in movie scene. The big idea is about a life that seems to be ordinary and simple sometime is not enough and you've got to do some "Attraversiamo" (let's cross over).

Live without eat is impossible.. but to eat without desire and hunger is bare. Sometimes we do things out of habits.. Everything has to be done by working from 8 to 5, eat, hang out on the weekend, church on Sunday..etc. All based on a habitual day to day activities. By the time we realize it, we already become a person with no desire and what so ever about life it self..because it so plain and boring. A get away ..a great new neighborhood.. good friends and companion ..marvelous wine..with authentic food will give a super boost to break away from the boredom bubble. And for Elizabeth in the movie, She get away to Italy ~ savoring Italy's buffet of delights.

Having the time of your life ..have fun and to eat from heart not out of diet program give us big enchantment (and of course big belly too..haha), but it's not enough.. the concept of having Bigger Power in universe (by all mean is God) finally comes along to make peace with our self.  This Greatest Power will end up finding us some enlightenment ..a way.. a vision and guidance in life. A part of having balance in life it self. As for my self, i found my self in Jesus Christ's hand. For Elizabeth, she choose to meditate in India.

Will that be all? Friends, Family, Guidance .. filled your life and at some point you think is enough.. But what about life time companion? Dare decision to love someone?

Life takes guts.. Love takes a leaps of faith. I was one wrote the fact of being single at 40 is fine.. but is it going to enough? I say now, it's fine..nothing's wrong about being single, but sometime, it's just not enough. And i love the fact that every woman doesn't need a Man, Woman need Champion. Someone to win her heart and dare to face the crazy life together. In my opinion, love choose us, it's not us who choose who we want to love, because sometimes, it's just happen. You might end up loving the wrong guy before you finally meet the right one, but that's journey. Finding the perfect soul mate takes Attraversiamo. Journey to cross over. The question is, Do i found the right one already? Let time answer it for me ^_-. As for Elizabeth, She find her champion in Bali, Indonesia.

LIfe is a quest my friend.. Don't give up in the middle.. Somehow, what you're looking for is actually very near....only a step away.

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