Sunday, October 10, 2010

At 26 Step of My Life..

I should have post this a month a go.. I haven't done it because I've been busy spending time with my precious Birthday Gift. Curious huh?? hahaha.. I'll tell the story in a bit..

Ok.. My birthday happen 34 days ago.. The day that made me happy today.. not just because i gain more age.. more good friends..or more wisdom ..but i found something impossible has become something possible and real. And that was my sweetest birthday gift ever.

I met someone in late May to early June 2010.. Just a typical guy like my any other guy friends.. I didn't feel him at first.. but the conversation never stop.. We talk almost the moment i suddenly miss him when he weren't around.. World Cup 2010 event has become our closure moment.. We've been discussing so many things since then. The funny thing is .. we never really thought we would like each other.. We also never think that we might have a chance to be together.. So many fight and tears just to get to this day. So .. to us.. the word 'WE' in 45 days ago is impossible.

But i guess life as we know it, is always has a twist on its own. I learn a lot not to quit easily in life..and on my 26 step of my life i have been shown twice that "impossible" is unrealistic. The word "impossible" only exist for people who easily giving up. My first lesson was at my 21st of my life.. My bachelor degree thesis seems impossible to be done only for 3 months with the fact that my 2nd supervisor lecturer is seriously ill and had to make bed rest for 2 month..yet i finally found out Jesus make it possible.

Today.. a month after my 26th birthday, I'm still facing another "impossible" situation.. but this precious gift and wisdom give booster strength to continue on my foot step. matter what happen in life.. when you feel like the road block is too much.. don't quit..!! Just Go.. keep moving.. don't give up !! ^^

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