Friday, September 7, 2012

Life Learned Lesson

I have always holding grudge and anger for people who look down on  (or at least the people I thougt were looking down on ) my family and myself.

Even though sometimes I feel not that capable at things, I have always find myself as a special person with gifts and talents that God himself give to me.

And so often times I feel I have to defend myself againts a lot of things.. But sometimes what I think it isn't the truth. Not to mention that I also might have missjudge others.

As the time went by.. I feel that this days I have to stop myself from listening others opinion.. I want to be me and love who I am. I put effort to redeem and loving myself rather than being guilty if I'm not in somebody else's standard. I said to myself that nothing is wrong with me..and if somebody really know me, that they know the real me they will love me for who I am. Not because I'm the person that they want me to be.

With that in mind,  I should also stop use my standard upon somebody else's life. They have their own significant talents and gifts as much as I do. Tolerancy is what I have learned from this piece of mind.

Another thing I have learned is..the key to life and happiness is simply to know who we really are and make a celebration everytime we get to know ourself.

Society standard is just something human made .. But each of us is God bare hand made and you and I should very proud of who we are.

I'm not beautiful nor perfect but I am made in Jesus and I shall proud of it~Febe Yuan

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