Monday, June 25, 2012


" I don't talk, I don't see, I don't hear unimportant bad things surround me to keep my happiness alive.."

Technology these days, making sure any news and message comes to our hearing and sight instantly. But any news also means everything... including bad and unimportant message.

Not only receive bad news, we also somehow spread bad news and message.. easily.

Question is.. Which news or information that actually useful or important for us ?

Out filtering system need to be highly alert every second these days.. Not for someone else but for our sake.. Happiness doesn't grow out of bad things.. It grow out of Good Things...
Keep it in good heart and soil 'em with good things.

Have a ╠╣αppy Ѽ day !! Remember that happiness isn't destination it's a mood.. keep your self away form negativity !!

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