Monday, December 26, 2011

Miracle Flows In My Heart And In My Life

Good afternoon fellas..

it's already passed the Joyful time of the year.. a bit late but i would love to say "Merry Christmas to you.. ^^ ".
I miss writing again. So many things 'running' around my mind lately hahaha... some about my country culture.. some.. because of many other things that happens beyond my imagination.

Maybe i'll share a little of my gratitude feeling this year. Of course you all know i'm in not my best situation right now.. yet..i believe Jesus made this year the best year to grow my faith in Him. I realize this year.. i have more impossible situation than i ever had before. But in this impossible days of my life i feel i never lost His loving touch. My savings that evaporate into thin air 1,5 years ago..Jesus brought it back .. He even double the number. But..Is it enough for me to save the whole problem? no, not yet.. but thru' this, He remind me that miracle still exist and He makes miracle just in the right time to help me get through another day.

Yes.. of course i feel the fear .. and yes of course there are moments when i felt like facing dead ends.... but In the end.. I made it through the day.. and He never stop gives me strength to keep moving.

As far as i walk in this path of life, Jesus never leave me and when i feel so alone... i pray to Jesus to show me His presence and stop this lonely feeling.

And so... thank you Jesus for Christmas... Your birth has been such a miracle for all mankind and will always will be..

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